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Portugal is the 6th safest country in the world

Mar, 2023

Portugal is famous for its stunning scenery, Mediterranean climate, and laid-back vibes. But in recent years, Portugal has also been receiving attention for its safety.

According to the Global Peace Index, Portugal is ranked the sixth safest country globally and the fourth safest among the EU 27.

So what makes Portugal so safe?

One factor is the low level of income inequality. In Portugal, the wealthiest 20% of households earn just 7.5 times more than the poorest 20%. This compares favourably to other developed countries like the United States, where the richest 20% earn nearly 12 times more than the poorest 20%.

Income inequality has been linked to higher levels of crime and violence, so Portugal’s relatively equal distribution of wealth may help to explain its low crime rate.

The country also benefits from a strong rule of law. In Portugal, property rights are well-protected, and government corruption is relatively rare. This creates a stable environment that discourages crime and promotes economic growth.

Portugal has a long history of peaceful relations with its neighbours. It hasn’t been directly involved in a major war for over 200 years, and the government remains committed to resolving disputes through diplomacy rather than force.

All of these factors combine to create a safe and welcoming environment in Portugal.

Moreover, Portugal has many easy residency visa options – such as the D7 visa or the Golden Visa – making it a great place for those seeking a haven in Europe.

Source: Digital Émigré

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